Cordova Tapas & Wine is more than a modern bar. The European atmosphere of the venue will make you travel to some of the most exotics places in Western Europe. As well as finely crafted cocktails and excellent wine by the glass, Cordova offers the widest selection of Belgium beers in Winnipeg - world-known for their unique and complex flavours.

    First, let’s take you to the western Pyrenees, home to the Basque Country to meet Gregoire Stevenard, founder of Cordova Tapas & Wine. Located beside the ocean, the Basque country offers a cuisine dominated by fish and seafood, but also cured meat and specialty cheeses.

    If you’ve never been to Spain, San Sebastian will know to seduce you. Out there, it is easy to understand the concept of a true tapas bar. It is a place where people can enjoy small tasty dishes made with high quality ingredients while sitting in a comfortable space, or simply standing near the bar. Tapas are designed to be creative and allow the chef to experiment with new dishes more regularly. Most importantly, they allow one’s to wander from bar to bar.

    Cordova takes its name from the city Córdoba in Spain once conquered by the Umayyad army. Their rein left traces of intricate and complex mosaics from Islamic influence. Mosaic has since then always been an integrated symbol in the history of Spain. You may become witness of the mosaic influence during your visit at Cordova.